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"The trick is to line up a comedian that can relate to the audience on a personal level. When the comedian and the audience are in sync, it's a perfect, hand in glove match. Finding the perfect match for your needs is what we do"

Brent Kloeble, President

Welcome to CanadianComediansDirect.ca

Belly aching, gut splitting, can't catch your breath laughter. The kind you can't get enough of.


The best comedians turn the mundane and the irritating into hilarity - every day stories and events become - well funny. There's not a better way to unload stress and relax than with a good belly laugh.


CanadianComediansDirect.ca is an event solutions broker specializing in high end, professional, clean comedy.


We represent the best comedians on the Canadian comedy scene. We work with the most experienced, professional headliners with a consistent level of high quality and unique variety. To their credit are television and film experience, and numerous convention, corporate, and special event performances.

Our customers like us because we make sure all the details are covered, so they can focus on other important business to make a successful event.


Performers prefer CanadianComediansDirect.ca because we take care of all the details so they can focus on providing the best show for your audience.


It's a win-win situation that comes with a peace of mind guarantee. 


For availability or additional information contact:

CanadianComediansDirect.ca by Events Edge

Phone: 1-877-219-6222 (Toll Free)

Email: info@canadiancomediansdirect.ca