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"The trick is to line up a comedian that can relate to the audience on a personal level. When the comedian and the audience are in sync, it's a perfect, hand in glove match. Finding the perfect match for your needs is what we do"

Brent Kloeble, President

About CanadianComediansDirect.ca

Brent Kloeble, President of the CanadianComediansDirect.ca has been involved in the comedy scene for over 20 years. He has made a lifetime career out of understanding comedy - what makes it work or not work.


Brent has attended major comedy festivals and numerous conventions or corporate events to witness the comedians perform live. Unlike others that sell comedy, Brent knows the acts personally. He knows what audiences are right for the comedian and what comedian is right for the audience. Through many years of continuous review, Brent has acquired a wealth of knowledge, credibility and expertise of the comedy industry in Canada. Now Brent is bringing the best of the best comedians together to create CanadianComediansDirect.ca.


CanadianComediansDirect.ca is a subsidiary of Events Edge Entertainment and Speakers Bureau.


CanadianComediansDirect.ca is owned and operated by Brent Kloeble, and includes the top names in Canadian comedy.


As an entertainment broker, CanadianComediansDirect.ca works with you to understand your needs. We do our job so you can do yours.


For availability or additional information contact:

CanadianComediansDirect.ca by Events Edge

Phone: 1-877-219-6222 (Toll Free)

Email: info@canadiancomediansdirect.ca